SoleMate Spotlight: Andrea Reynolds

Today we feature Andrea, a 2014 NYC Marathon SoleMate based in Springfield, MO. Andrea also serves on the Girls on the Run of Southwest Missouri Board!

Tell us about you!
I am originally from Nebraska. I lived in Kansas City for 5 years where I met my husband and we had our son. We moved to Springfield, Missouri, 17 years ago in November. 
I own Running Chics, an athletic apparel company -

When did you start running and why?
My running career started in high school although casually.  I took several years off and then started again about 16 years ago. I completed my first marathon in 2001 -- it was Chicago just after 9/11.  I remember crying as we started the marathon that morning. What an emotional time.  Marathon No. 13 was this past Saturday in Kansas City and then No. 14 will be NYC. Can't wait!!!  It will be only my second trip to NYC and we are so excited we can hardly stand it!

Why did you choose to support Girls on the Run?
I started my company, Running Chics, almost 8 years ago... about the same time Trish Hopkins started the local Girls on the Run chapter. I donate a percentage of all my sales to our local chapter and have done so since the beginning. Trish and I have become good friends and try to partner as much as we can. I currently sit on the Girls on the Run Board and serve on 3 committees as well.

A group of six of us signed up to run NYC this year. We didn't think any of us would get in but when my two closest friends made it in and I didn't, I had to figure out a way to run.  It made perfect sense to be on the SoleMates team to support Girls on the Run NYC and I just barely made it in. Girls on the Run is an awesome organization for so many reasons as you know.

What tip do you have for other marathon trainers or other SoleMates?
My training tip is to just keep moving forward no matter what. It doesn't matter if you're running, walking, or crawling, LOL. As long as you keep moving forward it still counts. It's always hard. They don't get easier. We just mentally get stronger with each mile. The marathon itself is a great reward for all the training but the part I love the most is the training. I've put lots and lots of miles on these legs with some of my closest friends and I can't think of a better way to spend quality time together. Crossing the finish line at the end is just part of the reward.

Thank you Andrea! Congratulations on your accomplishment in Kansas City,
and we are ready to cheer you on in NYC!

If you are interested in supporting Andrea's SoleMates campaign, check out her page here!