SoleMate Spotlight: Jenn Savedge

Jenn Savedge-SoleMate.jpg

Today we're featuring Jenn Savedge, a writer from Luray, Virgina, and a 2014 NYC Marathon SoleMate!

When did you start running and why?
I started running 6 years ago. I had never been very fit before but I had always loved walking and decided to see if I could run a little bit between walk intervals. I signed up for a local 5K and cried when I crossed the [finish] line. Since then I have completed 9 marathons (NYC wiill be #10) and even an Ironman!

Why did you choose to support Girls on the Run?
I have been a coach for Girls on the Run in my local community for two seasons and I am continually amazed by how much this program brings to the lives of girls in my community. They learn about running, yes, but they also learn about how to make healthy choices, handle tricky friend situations, and tap into their inner strength.

What tip do you have for other marathon trainers or other SoleMates?
I try to take things one step at a time, whether that's in the marathon itself or the training leading up to it. Training and races can seem overwhelming when looked at as a whole, but it's all just about putting one foot in front of the other until you get to the finish line.

Congratulations and thank you, Coach Jenn!

If you are interested in supporting Jenn, check out her SoleMates fundraising page!