SoleMate Spotlight: Kate Mammolito

Kate Mammolito - GOTR NYC Marathon SoleMate

Today we feature Kate Mammolito, a Girls on the Run NYC SoleMate for the 2014 NYC Marathon!

Running a marathon has always been a goal of mine, but running it to raise funds for Girls on the Run makes it that much more meaningful to me. For 17 years, I lived my life as an extremely overweight kid. What changed my life, and continues to save me, is exercise. It's strengthened my confidence, focus, and ability to cope with all of life's uphill battles.

I believe strongly in the Girls on the Run mission to empower young girls through after-school running programs -- the benefits of exercise introduction into a young person's life seem endless. If I can do my part in helping young women avoid a lifetime of weight and confidence struggles, my job is done!

Thank you for your support, and sharing your passion, Kate!

If you feel strongly about this mission, please help Kate help the girls at