Coach Spotlight: Suzanne Budesa

A big Girls on the Run energy award to Suzanne Budesa, Head Coach of Girls on the Run at The Earth School, and a SoleMate in the NYC Half Marathon in 2014! Many thanks to Suzanne for your energy and dedication! Read on to learn about Coach Suzanne, now in her third season as a coach, and her involvement with Girls on the Run NYC:

Suzanne and her team at our Spring 2013 5k!

Suzanne and her team at our Spring 2013 5k!

What is your favorite aspect of coaching for GOTR-NYC?

I love getting to work with former students who are now older. I teach 1st and 2nd grade so my current students are too young. It’s great to get to continue to work with students now that they are in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade but in a different way.

How do you feel that GOTR-NYC is helping the girls you coach?

The number one thing I see the girls develop through the season is confidence. They develop more physical confidence, personal confidence and social confidence. I think it also gives them an opportunity to develop relationships with girls who they might not otherwise interact with.

The girls also benefit from have an amazing set of adults working with us. The two assistant coaches are the pre-k teacher at our school and a kindergarten teacher at our school. Most of the girls have had at least one of these great women as a teacher and instantly feel supported working with them again. When the 5K comes, many of our teachers volunteer to run with the girls. At the June 5K, each of our girls was able to run with someone they knew.