Greetings from new Executive Director Allison Hauser

Friends of Girls on the Run NYC,

I am incredibly excited to be taking on the new role of Executive Director for Girls on the Run NYC! After coaching for eleven seasons, and serving on our Core Team of Volunteers, I have certainly seen the power and the opportunity that Girls on the Run gives to elementary and middle school girls to have a voice – to have a voice with their friends, in their schools and in their communities. The lessons of healthy lifestyles, combined with running, give these girls a chance to move and run and shout and skip and be joyful. And they make a measurable impact on the girls in our program, to provide them with the chance to know that they Can.

From an early age I enjoyed athletics and movement, and the spirit of a sports team. In high school, I spent every season– fall, winter, spring – in sports. From running through the trails, to dashing around the track, I was chasing other runners and chasing my own personal bests. In college, I became a certified group fitness instructor, leading step & strength classes at our campus gym, and even once – stepping out of my comfort zone of teaching – a hip hop class!

Because of the joy and friendships that sports brought me, I found the perfect volunteer fit when I moved to NYC – an organization that combined my passion for healthy lifestyles with the power of running. I’ve met incredible girls through the program. These girls include participants, who have taught me as many lessons as I shared with them; and fellow coaches and volunteers, who have become my own running buddies, sources of support and life-long friends.

As I take these next steps in my personal journey, as the Executive Director, I welcome you to share with me your story – and to reach out and get involved with Girls on the Run NYC! If you are a parent or guardian with a girl in the program, thank you for giving her this opportunity. If you are a volunteer coach or a running buddy, thank you for taking the time to make these girls know you care. If you are a volunteer or supporter, thank you for making this program possible for girls in NYC.

All the best,