SoleMate Spotlight: Stephanie Roszko

Today we feature SoleMate, Stephanie Roszko, who will be running in the 2013 NYC Marathon this Sunday, Nov. 3rd for Girls on the Run NYC!

Stephanie (left) and her friend Mariah before the Harwich Half Marathon!

Stephanie (left) and her friend Mariah before the Harwich Half Marathon!

Why did you choose to support Girls on the Run NYC through your training/racing?
I chose to support GOTR because as a mother of 2 girls and a teacher in an inner-city school, I wanted to raise money for a cause that helped young girls create a positive self-image through a healthy activity, running. I too often hear my older daughter (5 years old) and girls at school talking negatively about their bodies. I am constantly trying help my own girls as well as my students see that everyone’s healthy looks different, and when I saw the GOTR as one of the charities to run for, I knew it was a match.

What is your favorite part of marathon training?
My favorite part of marathon training was the long runs. I was always so nervous the night before knowing that I was running a new distance for the first time and always doubted myself. However, I was able to run each new distance, and it felt so awesome with each new milestone. I know that crossing the finish line on November 3rd is going to be so emotional! I never in a million years would have thought that I could/would take on the challenge of running a marathon. It is truly amazing what one is capable of doing once they believe in themself!

What’s your #1 fundraising tip?
My #1 fundraising tip is to team up with a company, whether that it’s your gym, hair salon etc. to help with your fundraising efforts. I was lucky that I didn’t have to search very hard for a company to team up with because my mom and dad own a dairy farm and make cheese. Their company, Smith’s Country Cheese, donated a portion of the sales from their smoked gouda to my fundraising efforts. Without their help, I would have had a harder time reaching my goal and am truly grateful for their help!

What activities have you done to fundraise for Girls on the Run NYC?
The other ways that I have been able to reach my goal is by constantly posting my fundraising page on Facebook as well as sending monthly marathon updates to my family and friends. This has helped to remind people to donate and to let them know what is involved in training for a marathon.

What does being part of Girls on the Run NYC SoleMates mean to you?
I couldn’t be more proud to be running for such an awesome organization! Knowing that the money I raised will give girls the opportunity to begin the adventure of running is so exciting! I can only imagine how good those girls feel after completing their first 5K! What a fantastic way to build a positive self-image!

Check out Stephanie’s fundraising page here.

If you are interested in becoming a SoleMate, go to for more information and registration.