SoleMate Spotlight: Shannon Gill

The Girls on the Run NYC SoleMates program is a team of male and female athletes who pursue individual goals, such as completing a triathlon, marathon or 10K, to raise critically needed funds for Girls on the Run NYC and the important character development programs it delivers to young girls across the city.  We provide training support, a team of inspired athletes, and an incredible mission to fundraise for to our SoleMates. If you are interested in becoming a SoleMate or learning about upcoming races, click here.

Today we're featuring Shannon, a 2013 NYC Marathon SoleMate!

Where are you from and what do you do?
I'm originally from New Hampshire but live in NYC now and work as an advertising analyst for XO Group.

When did you start running and why?
I started running in college to get in shape but it was not something came ever came easily for me. I struggled a lot but when I finished my first half marathon a couple years later I was officially hooked on running. The confidence that it has given me had has brought so much good into my life.

Why did you choose to support Girls on the Run?
I already had my own entry into the marathon through the 9+1 program but as I started training I felt that there was something missing. I wanted to make this marathon about more than just myself. I had heard of Girls on the Run and identified so strongly with its mission. I always wanted to get involved but my work scheduled hadn't allowed it. Becoming a SoleMate was the perfect opportunity and having the support of the SoleMates team was an amazing help to me!

What tip do you have for other marathon trainers or other SoleMates?
During your long training runs and tough points of the race think about how you are helping make a difference in the lives of young girls. Knowing that I was helping to empower them inspired me to push through whenever I felt like I couldn't do it.