SoleMate Spotlight: Roben Ash

Roben Ash, from LaMarque, Texas, is one of our 2015 NYC Marathon SoleMates! Outside of training and being a SoleMate, Roben enjoys playing golf and soccer with his 15-year-old son, and playing oboe in the community band. Thanks so very much for your dedication, Roben!!

What motivated you to run this race for Girls on the Run NYC?
My friend Katherine Slingluff Stuckey ran for Girls on the Run last year. She suggested that I run for Girls on the Run! I came into the connection [to Girls on the Run and the Marathon] after deciding I wanted to run the NYC marathon before I turn 60. Girls on the Run graciously accepted me as one of their SoleMate runners.

What inspires you about working with Girls on the Run?
When I think about motivation, I'm not just running for me but for all the Girls on the Run. 

What is your favorite running accessory?
It's a toss up between my iPhone and my new right knee brace (boy does it help!).

“Training in the heat of Alabama requires conviction, which will lead to accomplishment, which will lead to pride, which improves self esteem. That's what matters to me and Girls on the Run.”

Thank you, Roben! You can support Roben in his fundraising efforts by visiting his online campaign page here: