A Girl's View: What Girls on the Run Means to Me

Girls on the Run NYC has impacted many girls throughout New York City. Follow our From the Girls blog series to read firsthand from the girls about their experiences and what Girls on the Run has taught them.

When asked "What does Girls on the Run mean to you?" this spring, girls responded…

“GOTR is a place where you can talk about the things that you really need to get out.” - Sienna

“Girls on the Run makes everyone feel good about themselves! It teaches us how to make better choices. While running, I will say to myself I am unstoppable! Nobody can stop me!” - Nola

“When you are at Girls on the Run remember you are on top of the world!” - Aleha

“Girls on the Run is about being your own self!” - Ayah

"Girls on the Run means to me…..Respect and people respecting you, and having fun, and running without anyone being on your back or pushing you to go faster." - Zee

“Girls on the Run makes everyone shine their brightest!” - Imaan

“It has changed my life the past year.” - Logan

"It makes me feel warm, brave, and great.” - Ava

Stay tuned for more and follow our From the Girls blog series! Parents, please share what Girls on the Run has taught your daughter with us using #GOTRNYC or via email at coaches@gotrnyc.org!