A Girl's View: Why do you love Girls on the Run?

This is our third, and final (for now!), blogpost in our "From the Girls" series. Read, and stay tuned for more, on how Girls on the Run inspires girls to take charge of their lives and define the future on their terms.

When asked "Why do you love Girls on the Run?" our girls responded…

"I love girls on the run because I can be myself and talk about things that I never really talk about with anyone else." 
- Willow

"What I like about being a girl on the run is that they listen to you, they don’t judge you and [they] take you for who you are."
- Jasmine

"I like that girls on the run is fun and exciting and we get to have fun while following the rules."
- Ashlee

"I make new friends." - Nia

"I like when we help each other." - Brianna

“One reason that I LOVE Girls on the Run is that it taught me to be who I am and believe in myself and stand up for myself. Another reason is that after I went to Girls on the Run, I realized that life is not about being the best, or having everything your way. Life is about believing in yourself and being yourself no matter what. The third and last one is that I improved a lot! I am now much better, and now I can be who I am without hesitating. Something that I learned is to stand up for myself. Also, to keep your pace when you are running, so you do not run out of breath or have a cramp. A third thing that I learned is that you should think twice before you do something. I would like to thank you for everything you did, and especially for making me fall in love with running.” - Susan