SoleMate Spotlight: Brodie Main

Brodie Main is one of our 2015 NYC Marathon SoleMates! Raised in Basking Ridge, NJ, by her Scottish family, Brodie moved to NYC three and a half years ago after college. Brodie loves traveling, reading, and exploring new spots in NYC. Brodie has been involved with Girls on the Run for the past two seasons as a 5k running buddy, a general volunteer, a member of the Communications Committee, and a SoleMate! Thanks so very much for your dedication, Brodie!

What motivated you to run the NYC Marathon for Girls on the Run NYC?
I love that Girls on the Run inspires girls to live a healthy lifestyle from a young age. After watching how excited the girls were to run across the finish line at the seasonal 5k, I knew I wanted to give something back to a great organization! I came across Girls on the Run online when I was searching for some volunteer opportunities to get involved with!

I started running more once I moved to the city about 3.5 years ago. Being involved with an organization that involves running and inspiring/building confidence in girls seemed like a natural fit!

What inspires you about working with Girls on the Run?
Watching the girls succeed in completing their goal of running a 5k inspires me. I definitely could not do that at their age (the dreaded mile in gym class was enough for me!). Their determination, hard work, and commitment to achieving this goal is so impressive.

Girls on the Run has impacted me in many ways. From interacting with the girls during the 5k, to meeting all the volunteers and people who put so much effort into making this a great organization, it has been such a rewarding experience.

What is your favorite part about being a SoleMate?
Being a SoleMate is great! It's cool to be part of a group that is individually working towards the same goal - to support girls participating in Girls on the Run!

Let us know: what is your favorite running accessory?
I have to say my iPhone - I can't run without music! The Cardio playlist on Spotify radio is usually my go-to but the TGIF playlist might just be my new favorite!

“Girls on the Run inspires girls to take charge of their lives and define the future on their own terms. I think that is applicable to women of all ages - especially when training to accomplish running a marathon!”

Thank you, Brodie! You can support Brodie in her fundraising efforts by visiting her online campaign page here: