A Girl's View: What has Girls on the Run taught you?

This is our second post in our "From the Girls" series. Read and stay tuned for more on how Girls on the Run has inspired girls to be healthy, joyful, and confident!

When asked "What has Girls on the Run taught you?" our girls responded…

"I like that the activities aren't just fun. They teach us life lessons." – Jhoana

"GOTR helps build your confidence." – Sylvie

"Why fit in, when you were born to stand out." – Deena

"After I went to Girls on the Run, I realized that life is not about being the best, or having everything your way. Life is about believing in yourself and being yourself no matter what." – Susan

"It has changed my life the past year... This wonderful program taught me about bullying, health, friendship, and community... I saw trash on the sidewalk and people littering and I thought, ‘I want to change the world.’ Thank you for this lovely program and it is amazing and an honor to be in Girls on the Run." – Logan