SoleMate Spotlight: Audra Schnepp

Today we feature Audra Schnepp, a Girls on the Run SoleMate who is running the Hamptons Marathon this Saturday, September 26. Audra embodies the Girls on the Run mission!

What motivated you to register to run the Hamptons Marathon?
I wanted a challenge that was completely out of my comfort zone and pushed me to be competitive with myself in a healthy way.

How has running been a part of your life?
Running is not who I am; it's something I do; it's something I love. It's such a positive and therapeutic part of my day. As much as I enjoy rest days, I feel like my best self after a good run.

Let us know: why did you choose to support Girls on the Run?
I was fortunate that my parents taught me at a young age how physically, emotionally and psychologically important it is to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. As the Director of Athletics at the Harvard Club of NYC, I design specialized programs that encourage kids to stay active and have fun doing it! So naturally, Girls on the Run was the perfect fit alongside my own personal mission.

What tips do you have for other SoleMates?
It's easy to go hard, it's hard to go smart. Being a patient runner is something I continue to try to get better at! Mental strength is just as important as your physical abilities.

Time for favorites! What is your favorite running accessory? Your favorite run?
My sneakers, for sure. Until I did gait analysis, I really underestimated the power of a properly fitted shoe. Plus, the bright colors always make me happy.

I love running through Garden City and seeing all of the beautiful mansions, especially right before the sun sets on a summer night. No matter how many times I run it, it never gets old!

"As a woman who was raised to live a healthy and active lifestyle, I truly believe it's important for adolescent girls to understand the physical, emotional and psychological importance of athletics. It is a personal mission and passion of mine to support these younger generations by being a role model and helping them set and achieve their own personal goals."

Thank you Audra! You can support Audra in her fundraising efforts by visiting her online fundraising campaign page here: