SoleMates Spotlight: Sophia Yamas

Today we're shining a spotlight on Sophia Yamas! Sophia will be a Girls on the Run NYC SoleMate for the TCS New York Marathon in November!

Why are you running for Girls on the Run? I discovered Girls on the Run when I joined Gamma Phi Beta at Columbia University. It's amazing to me that there is an organization designed specifically to empower young girls...Having a place where role models show the girls what they're capable of and also where they can meet other girls just like them can write a completely different life story for each and every girl.

Favorite place to run? My favorite place to run is down the Hudson River because there are no stoplights, many water fountains, and diverse views. It is also refreshing to have a breeze while running (I run the most in the summer time).

Favorite time of day to run? My favorite time of day to run is during sunset. Because I run on the west side, I can see every stage of the sunset over the water throughout my run and it's a beautiful experience. It also isn't as hot (again I run a lot in summer) as midday.

Favorite post-run snack/meal? My favorite post-run snack is fresh-squeezed juice. It's really refreshing and I often spend the last quarter of my runs thinking about it.

Favorite running accessory? My favorite running accessory is the arm band that holds my phone so I can listen to music. Music is a must.

Favorite non-running activity? My favorite non-running activity is eating. I would say soccer or exploring cities, but running is my favorite way to explore and soccer involves a lot of running.

Farthest distance you’ve run? 27

Inspirational Quote/Words to Live By? "Can't stop won't stop" are the words I run by and live by.

What’s your Myers-Briggs? My Meyers-Briggs is ENTJ-T.

Thanks, Sophia! If you'd like to support Sophia in her fundraising efforts, you can visit her virtual fundraising page here. You can also follow her journey on her Instagram!