SoleMate Spotlight: Kate Scott


Today we're spotlighting Kate Scott, a SoleMate for Girls on the Run NYC in the 2016 NYC Half Marathon.

What motivated you to run in the NYC Half Marathon this year?

I had been thinking about doing a longer race (my longest so far is a 6K) since I began more seriously running the last year or so but kept pushing it off and finding reasons to not sign up. When I saw that Girls on the Run had a team for the NYC Half, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to stop making excuses and finally sign up. I haven't always been an extremely active person so I can't pretend I'm not motivated by checking 13.1 miles off my bucket list. But I'm also motivated by the organization and I'm happy that I've been able to share this organization with my family and friends through this race.

How has running been a part of your life?

Running wasn't part of my life until recently. I had always hated it, felt like I was too slow to be a "runner" and so I spent time working out in classes or at a gym. Last February, a friend of mine convinced me to go for a run in Central Park with him. He was much faster than me and quickly ran ahead but we had agreed to call each other when we wanted to stop. Well an hour later, I was back where I had started and was shocked that I had just run 6 miles. I discovered how much I love to just run for the sake of getting outside and enjoying the city. I still haven't been convinced by that treadmill contraption :) but I will never forget what it feels like to just get out and hit the pavement.

Why did you choose to support Girls on the Run?

I've been volunteering with Girls on the Run since my junior year of college in Boston and was really excited to get involved again when I moved to New York 18 months ago. I've always loved the mission of creating confidence through accomplishment and learning to support your peers and your community. It's an amazing lesson that I know all girls, no matter where they're from or what situation they live in, can learn from and relate to. I've continued to meet amazing girls and women through the organization and I am so happy to be supporting it on a larger level this year.

What tip do you have for other SoleMates?

I recently hit my fundraising goal and the thing that I was surprised by the most was how much more people were willing to help when they knew why I was doing it. As I described the organization and experience I've had running with girls at the 5k's, my friends and family were all moved by what Girls on the Run is doing. So definitely don't be afraid to ask, but also don't be afraid to do a little educating while you're at it.

What is your favorite running accessory?

I actually love to run when its cold outside so I would definitely say my Girls on the Run ear warmer!

What is your favorite run in NYC?

As an Upper East Side resident, I take advantage of Central Park as much as I can. I could live without Harlem Hill but the views from the north side of the reservoir and coming south on West Drive will never get old.

Thank you, Kate! You can support Kate in her fundraising efforts by visiting her online fundraising campaign page here.