SoleMate Spotlight: Maggie Mulhern


Today we spotlight Maggie Mulhern, a SoleMates Committee Member & a SoleMate for the 2016 NYC Half Marathon!

What motivated you to run in the NYC Half Marathon this year?

The half marathon is my favorite distance to race, and I love running the streets of NYC. Also, my dad is running the race as well so that was motivation for me.

How has running been a part of your life?

I grew up dancing my whole life; although my dad was a huge runner, I didn’t think that I had inherited the runner gene. I started running as a way to stay in shape after I stopped competitively dancing. At the time, I couldn’t even run a mile, let alone a half marathon. I ran my first half in 2014 and I have done multiple races since. Running has also become a great way to bond with my dad, and I’ve gotten my sisters on board now as well.

Why did you choose to support Girls on the Run?

I have been volunteering with Girls on the Run through the SoleMates Committee for about a year and a half. I have attended the 5k's and have seen firsthand how important the fundraising is to enable Girls on the Run to continue its mission. This year I decided that I would step up to the plate myself and become a SoleMate.

What tip do you have for other SoleMates?

When asking people for donations, find out where they work, and check if that company has a donation-matching program. A lot of times people don't even know about their company's policy. It is an easy way to score some extra donations.

What is your favorite running accessory?

I always have hand warmers with me on a long run in the winter to combat Raynau's syndrome. I've also been known to use toe warmers from time to time as well.

What is your favorite run in NYC?

I love running from my apartment in Soho, over the Brooklyn Bridge and then back over the Manhattan Bridge. The views are amazing – just need to be careful of tourists ;)

Thank you, Maggie! You can support Maggie in her fundraising efforts by visiting her online fundraising campaign page here.