SoleMate Spotlight: Jasmine and Rebecca Macies

Today we're spotlighting sisters Jasmine & Rebecca Macies, who were SoleMates for the 2016 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend! 

What motivated you to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon this year?

We have always been drawn to Disney Princesses, as most young girls are, but wanting to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon was definitely solidified after seeing the Disney commercial "I am a Princess". The commercial reminds us that we are all princesses and powerful in our own way. 

How has running been a part of your life?

Growing up we were very active in sports but I think our parents were really our inspiration for running. They have always been active and running is frequently part of their routine. As we were growing up, we biked alongside them and eventually started running together. As a result, running has become a big part of our lives. It's also something we can do anywhere. When all you need is a pair of sneakers, there's not a lot of room for excuses. 

Why did you choose to support Girls on the Run?

We love the Girls on the Run mission of inspiring girls to reach their fullest potential and shining as bright as they can. We feel that girls need to see there potential and have role models to show them that they're capable of so much, and Girls on the Run is definitely doing that.

What tip do you have for other SoleMates?

Have fun! Regardless of the distance or the speed just enjoy the journey ­ you're running for a great cause! And remember that you have a support network in your other SoleMates!

What is your favorite running accessory?

  1.  Headphones. Nothing keeps you going like when your favorite song comes on.
  2.  A sister, or other running buddy. She makes sure you don't give up and keeps you accountable. 

What is your favorite run in NYC?

The westside highway. Nothing beats running next to the water, it's a nice escape from the city feel.

Thank you Jasmine & Rebecca!
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