One Decade. 5,000 girls. Countless Miles.

How do you celebrate your ten year anniversary as an excellent organization helping young girls reach their full potential? By hosting a party, of course!

Last month we celebrated our 10th year as an organization at Lucky Strike in Manhattan with nearly 200 of our closest friends and supporters. There was music, bowling, great food and tons of fun to be had throughout the night.

This year we made it a point to highlight the impact the program has had on the lives of the girls who participate. We heard from a father of a girl in the program, and several girls who have participated in Girls on the Run and the overall theme was that the program helped them live a more positive life.

10-year-old Jade explained,  “At Girls on the Run I feel positive and think positive. Girls on the Run taught me to never give up, respect, and encourage each other. Another thing I learned from Girls on the run is to have fun.”

We also heard from Allison Hauser, Executive Director, and Deanna Koestel, the Chair of the Girls on the Run NYC Board, who gave their appreciation for all those who came out to show their support for the program.

Thanks to generous donations from vendors all over the United States, we were also able to host a silent auction to raise money to help us expand and improve the Girls on the Run program. Guests were able to bid on coveted items, such as round trip airfare with JetBlue anywhere they jet and VIP access to Sleep No More.

Again, we’d like to thank our volunteers, all those who came out to support our amazing girls and us. We couldn’t have done it without you.