SoleMate Spotlight - 2017 NYC Marathon: Carol Banks

Today we're shining a special spotlight on our 2017 TCS New York City Marathon SoleMate, Carol Banks! Carol is running her fifth marathon for Girls on the Run NYC.

Carol B-2017 NYC Marathon SoleMate_blog.jpg

Why did you decide to be a SoleMate for the NYC Marathon and fundraise for Girls on the Run?
I have been involved with Girls on the Run for 15 years, coaching, graphic design services and generally telling everyone what an amazing organization it is.

What does the Girls on the Run mission mean to you?
Girls on the Run is important to helping young girls realize how strong, smart and amazing they are, by having fun, making friends and learning to love running to take care of their health through out life.

Is this your first marathon? If no, how many have you run?
This is number 5 (NYC twice, San Francisco, Honolulu). Training this time has been much different than when I was younger. I've learned lessons in appreciating where you are and not being disappointed. 

Favorite place to run?
Trails with some hills. 

Favorite time of day to run?

Favorite post-run snack/meal?
Anything, but I try to get some protein!

Favorite running accessory?
Wireless headphones.

Favorite pump-up running song?
Shoot there are so many!

Group or solo run?
At least one other person, who talks a lot, so they can entertain me along the way : )

Tell us a little bit about your running history!
I ran on a track team from 7-10 years old and a little in High School. On my 30th b-day, my boyfriend broke up with me and I was laid off. A friend said, "I am training for a marathon and raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society." So I signed up for something to do to not think about everything. Never thinking I was a long distance runner. I learned that everyone is a long distance runner if they practice. {...}

I have been running for the last 5 years with a run club here in Colorado called Revolution Running. Love it, they support and love every type of runner! 

To this day, the first 60 minutes of running is the worst...I can't breath then my knees hurt, and then finally I settle in and have fun! : )

What do you do besides running to keep yourself healthy, confident and joyful?
Kaia Bootcamp, Kick Boxing, Pilates, wine with friends, trying to get into Yoga, asking my husband how my butt looks, because he always says it looks great : ) (even when I think it doesn't)

Any other fun facts you want to share?
I've done 2 half Ironman triathlons. We have a guinea pig named Brownie.

What words of encouragement would you share with a girl starting with Girls on the Run?
The cheer. "Girls on the Run is soooo much FUN!"

Thank you for all your support of Girls on the Run, Carol! If you want to donate to Carol's fundraising efforts, click here.