SoleMate Spotlight: Katie Sharp

This week we're shining a spotlight on Katie Sharp, one of our SoleMates running the TCS NYC Marathon in November!

Why GOTR? Running is a huge part of my life and has given me the tools to get through many changes and obstacles. Because of what running has done for me, I want to share that feeling with other people. Girls on the Run helps instill confidence in young girls so they are able to face any difficulty with certainty and courage. I feel lucky to be running for such a wonderful organization and helping all girls believe anything is possible.  

Is this your first marathon? The New York City Marathon will be my first one. It has always been a dream of mine to finish a full marathon and I can’t wait to conquer all five boroughs on November 6th with Girls on the Run!

Favorite place to run? Valley Forge Park in Pennsylvania right near my parents' house. It is absolutely beautiful and the entire loop is 5+ miles. I have been running there since high school and it is such a relaxing place to me.

Favorite time of day to run? Early in the morning (if I don’t snooze my alarm). It is such a calming time and really energizes me for whatever the day may have in store.

Favorite post-run snack/meal? English muffin with peanut butter.

Favorite running accessory? Music—nothing can fuel you better on a run than a good playlist!

Group or solo run? Solo! My running time is my thinking time.  

What shoes do you run in? Either Brooks or Asics—they both provide such great support and have never let me down.

Favorite non-running activity? I love to travel and spend time with friends/family.

Farthest distance you’ve run? 13.1 miles. I have run the Philadelphia Half Marathon a few times. Go Philly!

Inspirational Quote/Words to Live By? Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore, Dream, Discover. –Mark Twain

What’s your Myers-Briggs? Mediator. [INFP] “No one can stop you from dreaming!” 

Thanks, Katie! If you'd like to support Katie in her fundraising efforts, you can visit her virtual fundraising webpage here. You can also follow her journey on her Instagram!