Solemate Spotlight

SoleMate Spotlight: Stacey

Today, we feature our 2014 NYC Triathlon SoleMate – Stacey!


Stacey lives on the Upper West Side in NYC and is an Advertising Sales Director for Everyday Health.

Her passion for Health and Wellness began as a young girl when she joined her local YMCA swim team at age 11, which she found gave her more confidence both in the pool and out of the pool. After she graduated college from James Madison University and her swimming career came to an end, Stacey decided to expand into the world of Triathlons.

She completed her first Triathlon at the NYC Triathlon in 2012. She is excited to put her training to such a great cause, as she truly believes in empowering and inspiring girls to be joyful and confident. She has loved every opportunity to be involved with Girls on the Run, including being a Running Buddy and volunteering with the Fundraising Committee.

Recently, the NYC Triathlon team also featured Stacey online!

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SoleMate Spotlight: Deihdra Miller

Deihdra is a first-time SoleMate who is passionately raising money for Girls on the Run while training for the NYC Half Marathon! Read more about her below.


Tell us a little bit about your running background? When did you start running and why?This is a tough one – I don’t have a running “background”.  I never ran a day in my life until 4 years ago. A lot of things happened at the right time, everything aligned – I had the best people around me and I joined an all-women’s triathlon team. You have to run to finish a triathlon so I did it! I’m not fast and most likely never will be but I get better with each year and learned to love it a little more with every race completed!

How do you make time for running?
On Tuesday mornings I drive into Central Park (from NJ) at 6am to run with my girls on Team Lipstick. The other days that I run, I do it after I drop off my kids at school. This year all 3 of my kids finally go to school for a full day so I have time to run after I drop them off!

How did you hear about Girls on the Run and why did you decide to get involved?
I don’t remember how I first heard about it but I wanted to be a coach for a few years. There was not a council in my county when I looked into it. Then one finally came to Bergen County and I emailed them right away. I initially thought I could “help out” & see how it works but after I went to one practice I was hooked! I was able to start a Girls on the Run team in my town and am the head coach for my team. I wanted to be involved because I wish I had it when I was in elementary school – it’s amazing to me to give a young girl a voice and a positive role model.

What is your favorite form of cross training?
I currently teach for Pure Barre as well as swim and bike as part of triathlon training – biking and Pure Barre are certainly my 2 favorites!

What running accessory or tool could you not live without?
I could not live without my Garmin 910xt – I use it for everything and I love that it works for an entire triathlon with transitions included.

What is your favorite motivational song?
My favorite motivational song is ‘Till I Collapse’ by Eminem.

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Check out Deihdra’s fundraising campaign here.

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SoleMates Spotlight: Shira

Today we feature SoleMate Shira who ran in the 2014 NYC Half Marathon for Girls on the Run NYC on Sunday, March 16!

Shira was our #1 fundraiser for the NYC Half and a true Girls on the Run SuperStar!

Why did you choose to support Girls On The Run NYC through your training for the NYC half marathon?
I chose to run in the NYC Half Marathon for Girls on the Run NYC because running makes me feel confident and strong. I always feel like I accomplish something special after I run and I want to help other girls feel that way too.

What is your favorite part of the half marathon training?
My favorite part of the training is to gradually increase my distance to be able to run the 13.1 miles easily. It is a great personal challenge!

What’s your #1 fundraising tip?
I have always let friends and family know how important running is to me and they have seen how happy it makes me.  When I told them about Girls on the Run and what they do for girls, they were happy to support me. Also, I go to an amazing school and the teachers and students were all really supportive.

What activities have you done to fundraise for Girls On The Run?
I sent an email to everyone I knew and explained to them what running and Girls on the Run means to me. I also had a bake sale at my school.

What does being part of Girls On The Run NYC SoleMates mean to you?
Being a part of Girls on the Run means that I can help other girls feel good about themselves through running.  It is satisfying to know that I can help them in this way.

Check out Shira’s fundraising campaign here.

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SoleMate Spotlight: SoleMates Committee

The Girls on the Run SoleMates program provides adults an opportunity to raise money for Girls on the Run while training for the athletic event of their choice. SoleMates set personal goals such as running in a marathon or 10k event to raise money for Girls on the Run in their community. Each year, our SoleMates raise critically needed funds that ensure our councils are able to serve more girls in their communities.

Charity running has become an integral part of most endurance events across the country. Training for any endurance event is often challenging and being a SoleMate is a great way to keep it fun, stay motivated and maintain your commitment.

The SoleMates committee is made up of wonderful volunteers who provide support to the individuals who have chosen to raise funds while training for an event. We are so grateful for these incredible women!

Meet the Committee:

Alyssa Anderson – Director of SoleMates
“Three years ago I was looking to get involved with a not-for-profit organization, outside of my day-job, that tied in with my personal interests. As a long-time runner and four-time marathoner, Girls on the Run was the perfect fit. Getting girls active and empowering them at such an impressionable age really struck a chord with me. I started off assistant-coaching and supporting Girls on the Run NYC through various volunteer opportunities. This past spring I had the amazing opportunity to take on the Director of SoleMates position and I couldn’t be more excited to support our fabulous SoleMates!”

Kathy Jabara

“I started running a little over a year ago and it has made a tremendous impact on my health and fitness. I now can’t imagine my life without running! I became involved with Girls on the Run because I feel strongly about the mission and I love to witness the positive impact of the program on the girls.”


Annie Quinn
“I first discovered my love for running in middle school, when I was looking for something to take the place of gymnastics training.  I ran my first half-marathon as a senior in high school; I have now run 4 marathons and countless half marathons.  I got involved with Girls on the Run because I wanted to help share the power of running and the benefits that it has on health, confidence, and happiness.”


Jackie Fay
“I started running in college as a way to relieve stress and quickly fell in love with the sport. I have spent the past 6 years training for a variety of events and have now run 3 half marathons.  Athletics was not something I enjoyed when I was younger due to my asthma, I wish I could have participated in a program like Girls on the Run that promoted activity and empowerment in young girls.”

SoleMate Spotlight: Tanya Tran

Today we feature SoleMate Tanya Tran who ran in the 2013 NYC Marathon for Girls on the Run NYC!

Tanya wearing her Girls on the Run SoleMate’s Tech-T

Tanya wearing her Girls on the Run SoleMate’s Tech-T

Why did you choose to support Girls on the Run NYC through your training/racing?
When I signed up for the NYC marathon, I knew supporting a cause I believed in through my training would give the whole experience more meaning. After looking through hundreds of potential organizations available to support, Girls on the Run stood out the most to me. I really love its mission of instilling a sense of self-efficacy and self-confidence in young girls, and know firsthand just how powerful that can be when struggling through those difficult teenage years. I love the idea of using running and an interactive life-skills curriculum to help girls learn to nurture themselves both physically and emotionally. During years when you’re being told who you should be and how you should act by others around you, having a strong sense of self and remembering to take care of yourself is so important.

What is your favorite part of marathon training?
I’ve (surprisingly!) really loved the long training runs. I have a bike path by my house that runs by the water, and each week I would look forward to long, peaceful runs on that path. They would give me a chance to get away from the hectic pace of life and just be alone with my thoughts. They would allow me to let my mind wander and really appreciate the beauty around me. Each time, I would try to notice new things I had never seen. I felt truly lucky to be out there, running with my own two legs and really taking in my surroundings. And at the end of each run, it always felt great to know I had accomplished yet another workout I didn’t think I could do!

What’s your #1 fundraising tip?
In reaching out to people, I tried to emphasize how much of a difference each person could make, regardless of the size of their donation. A lot of my friends are graduate students or are just starting out. I knew that while they wanted to help, they couldn’t always afford to give as much as they might want, so I tried let express to them how important a contribution of any amount was. I also followed up with thank you notes to all that contributed and shared with them how meaningful it was to have their support, not only to me but to all those involved in Girls on the Run.

What activities have you done to fundraise for Girls on the Run NYC?
I’m lucky to have very supportive friends and family! I primarily reached out to people through email to let them know that I was supporting Girls on the Run. I tried my best to convey how much I believe in the organization and their mission, and how their support can really make a lasting impact for young women. I also tried spread the word about Girls on the Run to people I spoke with in-person. Whenever someone asked me how my training was going, I would share with them how excited I was to also be able to support such a meaningful program.

What does being part of Girls on the Run NYC SoleMates mean to you?
Running has meant so much to me; it truly has been a gift. While at times, it’s been painful and frustrating, it’s also given me support and strength. It has given me the belief and knowledge that I can truly do anything I put my mind to, and that even during the moments when I don’t think I can get through a tough workout, a stressful day, a challenging week… that I can make it through despite any doubts or second-guessing I might experience. Running has given me the courage and ability to always believe in myself. Being part of Girls on the Run NYC SoleMates means to me that I am able to give back and help others girls discover this same feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence. It means getting to share the gift of running.

If you are interested in becoming a SoleMate, go to for more information and registration.