Support Girls on the Run NYC on Giving Tuesday

On November 27, as part of Giving Tuesday, Girls on the Run NYC is working to raise enough funds to expand our reach, serving every girl who wants to join in our Spring season. Your support has real impacts. Every single dollar goes towards girls in our program, fueling running shoes, healthy snacks, program materials, and coach support for girls who otherwise couldn’t participate.

What's more, on November 27, every single dollar donated will be generously matched 1:1 by our board, up to $10,000. That means double the impact.

It's a critical time to elevate girls' voices and ensure that every single girl has the opportunity to build confidence, character, and leadership with Girls on the Run NYC.

Every single person who donates*, no matter the amount, will receive a unicorn sticker from our team to let you know that, by supporting girls in NYC, we think that you are more magical than a unicorn.

Give a one time gift

Your support today matters.

A one time gift has immediate impacts for the girls in our program. If you can, give today, and our board will match your donation 1:1, doubling your donation.

Join the Endurance

Make a lasting impact and support girls year round by joining the Endurance, and committing to a meaningful, recurring gift over the year.

When you join the Endurance, you’re joining a group of do-ers. People who have invested in the next generation of leaders and pledged to make each girls’ season possible. From the very first lace up through the medal at the celebratory 5k, the Endurance is there.

  • Note that Girls on the Run NYC can only mail out stickers if your address is provided. If you would like to send stickers to your friends or family members, you can add their address in the notification bar or email our team for support.