Bring Girls on the Run to your School or Community!

Host our program in the upcoming Fall Season 2019! Read below for how you can start a new Girls on the Run program site, along with FAQs, and then complete our New Site Application.  

Quick facts about Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole:

  • Girls on the Run is a 10-week program meeting twice each week, generally after school.

  • Each session is 75-90 minutes, and the season is 20 sessions and our concluding 5k event.

  • We train volunteer coaches to deliver our running-based curriculum.

  • We host two program seasons per academic year: Fall (Sept-Dec) and Spring (March-June).

  • The program fee is paid on a per-girl basis, and we offer individual and site-wide financial assistance. We encourage all interested sites & schools to apply to host a program site, and we ensure that all girls can participate in our program regardless of their ability to pay.

  • A sliding scale is available for all participants, and by program site, to ensure our program is accessible to all girls who want to participate, and all schools/sites who want to host the program.

  • Girls on the Run is the name of our program for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade participants.

  • Heart & Sole is the name of our program for 6th, 7th and 8th grade participants.

The Spring Season of 2020 will take place from March to June.

You can download an overview of each of our programs to review and share:

How to bring GIRLS ON THE RUN or HEART & SOLE to your school or community site:

Review the Girls on the Run NYC New Site Information Guide!

Here is an overview of what you need to host the program:

  1. Identify a location. Most of our programs are run at schools, neighborhood clubs, recreation centers or similar venues. The program location is responsible for providing:

    • A safe place for running. *Note: This does not have to be a track! A park, playground or gym is acceptable. Girls on the Run will help you determine the best space on the initial site visit.

    • A rainy day indoor space, with a gym being most ideal but a classroom also being an option.

    • A meeting space for pick-up and drop-off for each session.

  2. A contact person at the site to coordinate with Girls on the Run. This person serves as the "Site Liaison" and helps share registration information with all girls in the appropriate grades.

    • Support in recruiting 8 to 20 girls (elementary, 3rd-5th grade) or 8 to 15 girls (middle, 6th-8th grade) per team.

  3. Two meeting days and times per week. *Note: Sessions must be twice a week for 75-90 minutes for ten weeks.

  4. Two volunteer coaches to facilitate the program, who must participate in the Girls on the Run NYC New Coach Training. *Note: If you are unable to provide coaches, we will attempt to provide community volunteer coaches for your site.

Complete the Girls on the Run NYC New Site Application!

Have your school or site administrator sign the Administrator Approval Form and email to Allison Hauser, Executive Director.

Community Site Opportunity:

Are you interested in having a girl in 3rd-8th grade participate at a community site, open to girls from all schools? Click here to complete our Community Site Interest Survey!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do the Site Liaison and Coach Volunteers have to be filled by teachers or administrators?
No, although we certainly welcome a teacher and/or administrator to take on either of these roles. A Site Liaison can also be a parent who strongly believes in Girls on the Run or a community member who wants to bring the program to his or her recreation or community center. Whoever takes on the Site Liaison role must be comfortable with marketing the program to the girls at the site, and supporting the Girls on the Run NYC office in responding to parents’ questions about the program. Note that the Site Liaison can also be a Coach for the Girls on the Run program.

Do you need to be a runner to start a site?
No, we encourage runners and non-runners to get involved! While many of our staff and volunteers love to run, just as many of us don’t. What we do all agree upon is the need to live a healthy, active lifestyle and the importance of being a positive role model to these young girls.

How are participants chosen?
Participants register on a first-come, first-served basis or in a lottery; we work with each site individually on registration. Site Liaisons may choose to post flyers, make announcements, talk to school counselors, and reach out to girls individually about the program.

Can we host Girls on the Run if my school already has an existing running club or team?
Yes! While our program is running-based, we are much more than a running club. Some girls on your team may be seasoned runners and some may have never run before. Each practice involves conversation-based activities and running games that teach life skills.

How are participants chosen?
Participants register on a first-come, first-served basis or in a lottery; we work with each site individually on registration. Site Liaisons may choose to post flyers, make announcements at school assemblies or PTA meetings, talk to school counselors, and reach out to girls individually about the program.

How do participants register?
Sites are encouraged to have participants register online through our website. If this is a challenge for your site, we will work with you individually to set up paper registration forms. The Site Liaison will then be responsible for inputting the participant information into the online registration system.

Can we host more than one team?
Yes. If there is interest, the Girls on the Run staff will work with you to determine the next best steps in hosting two teams. This could be two separate teams on different practice days, or two smaller teams that meet on the same days with different coaches.

Do we need to participate in both Fall & Spring seasons?
No. Sites can choose to participate in just one season or both! Registration takes place in the two months leading up to the season, unless otherwise requested by the site.

Having at least one coach who is affiliated with the site (i.e. teachers, parents, administrators) makes a tremendous difference in the quality of the coaches' and the girls' experiences. If, however, a site is not able to identify two coaches, Girls on the Run will do everything possible to recruit coaches from within the community to lead a team. 

What is the cost of the program? Are scholarships available?
There is no cost to start a new site. We ensure that all girls can participate in our program, regardless of their ability to pay. The standard registration cost of the program is $350 per girl, and site-wide and individual financial assistance is available to support all girls participating in the program. Each season, approximately 35% of the participants in our program pay the full program fee and 65% of the participants pay a partial amount or receive full financial assistance and do not pay for the program. Site-wide financial assistance for every girl at a program site or school is available, and individual scholarships for girls are also available. See here for a breakdown of the program costs.

Girls on the Run is committed to being accessible to girls throughout NYC.  In order to ensure that we can provide the program to as many girls as possible, we have updated our sliding scale.  

If you have any questions, you can reach out to