SoleMate Spotlight: Deihdra Miller

Deihdra is a first-time SoleMate who is passionately raising money for Girls on the Run while training for the NYC Half Marathon! Read more about her below.


Tell us a little bit about your running background? When did you start running and why?This is a tough one – I don’t have a running “background”.  I never ran a day in my life until 4 years ago. A lot of things happened at the right time, everything aligned – I had the best people around me and I joined an all-women’s triathlon team. You have to run to finish a triathlon so I did it! I’m not fast and most likely never will be but I get better with each year and learned to love it a little more with every race completed!

How do you make time for running?
On Tuesday mornings I drive into Central Park (from NJ) at 6am to run with my girls on Team Lipstick. The other days that I run, I do it after I drop off my kids at school. This year all 3 of my kids finally go to school for a full day so I have time to run after I drop them off!

How did you hear about Girls on the Run and why did you decide to get involved?
I don’t remember how I first heard about it but I wanted to be a coach for a few years. There was not a council in my county when I looked into it. Then one finally came to Bergen County and I emailed them right away. I initially thought I could “help out” & see how it works but after I went to one practice I was hooked! I was able to start a Girls on the Run team in my town and am the head coach for my team. I wanted to be involved because I wish I had it when I was in elementary school – it’s amazing to me to give a young girl a voice and a positive role model.

What is your favorite form of cross training?
I currently teach for Pure Barre as well as swim and bike as part of triathlon training – biking and Pure Barre are certainly my 2 favorites!

What running accessory or tool could you not live without?
I could not live without my Garmin 910xt – I use it for everything and I love that it works for an entire triathlon with transitions included.

What is your favorite motivational song?
My favorite motivational song is ‘Till I Collapse’ by Eminem.

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