SoleMate Spotlight: Frieda Edelman

Today, we feature Frieda – one of our SoleMates who competed at the 2013 Aquaphor NYC Triathlon on July 14!

Fun Fact – Frieda (second from the left) came in 7th in her age group!

Fun Fact – Frieda (second from the left) came in 7th in her age group!

Why did you choose to support Girls on the Run NYC through your training/racing?
I really wanted to give back! I have been very lucky in my life with parents supporting my sports activities not just financially but also by dedicating time to drive me to swim practice or to races every other Sunday growing up even though they are not the greatest athletes. And I often realize that not everyone is as lucky but deserves a chance.I love to run and lead a pretty healthy life style and Girls on the Run encourages healthy habits and an active lifestyle in 8-13 year old girls. So Girls on the Run was the perfect match since I sincerely believe in their mission.

What was your favorite part of the triathlon?
I loved the run. Partly because it is probably my strongest discipline but also because that’s where most of the cheer leading happens! Friends, Family, Team mates came out to cheer and run with me parts of the course or waited for me at the finish line.

What’s your #1 fundraising tip?
A good “Customer Relationship Solution”. Keep a database of all your contacts. It could be in excel, outlook or in your gmail account, or even on paper. Make sure email addresses are up to date. This is the best basis for any kind of activity you are doing – emails asking for support, invitations for fundraising events you host, thank you emails afterwards, you name it…

What does being part of Girls on the Run NYC SoleMates mean to you?
It is great to have like minded people that fight for the same cause, train together, and certainly have lots of fun together – even though I wasn’t able to join all the activities offered by Girls on the Run. And it was a very emotional event for me to volunteer at the Girls on the Run 5K on Randall’s island and see the hundreds of girls in their pink shirts. Totally excited before the race and exhausted but proud and happy after the race. That’s exactly why I fundraised much more than I had to.