SoleMates Spotlight: Shira

Today we feature SoleMate Shira who ran in the 2014 NYC Half Marathon for Girls on the Run NYC on Sunday, March 16!

Shira was our #1 fundraiser for the NYC Half and a true Girls on the Run SuperStar!

Why did you choose to support Girls On The Run NYC through your training for the NYC half marathon?
I chose to run in the NYC Half Marathon for Girls on the Run NYC because running makes me feel confident and strong. I always feel like I accomplish something special after I run and I want to help other girls feel that way too.

What is your favorite part of the half marathon training?
My favorite part of the training is to gradually increase my distance to be able to run the 13.1 miles easily. It is a great personal challenge!

What’s your #1 fundraising tip?
I have always let friends and family know how important running is to me and they have seen how happy it makes me.  When I told them about Girls on the Run and what they do for girls, they were happy to support me. Also, I go to an amazing school and the teachers and students were all really supportive.

What activities have you done to fundraise for Girls On The Run?
I sent an email to everyone I knew and explained to them what running and Girls on the Run means to me. I also had a bake sale at my school.

What does being part of Girls On The Run NYC SoleMates mean to you?
Being a part of Girls on the Run means that I can help other girls feel good about themselves through running.  It is satisfying to know that I can help them in this way.

Check out Shira’s fundraising campaign here.

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