5k SoleMate Spotlight: Carrie & Madi

Today we feature our 5k SoleMates Carrie and her daughter Madi, who is a Girl on the Run! We asked Carrie why they decided to be SoleMates for our 5k to fundraise for Girls on the Run NYC so that more girls can participate, and she shared:

I want to be a part of Girls on the Run to support my daughter,and show her I too want to be healthy. Girls on the Run has been an amazing program for my daughter, teaching her to be part of a team and showing she can do anything if she just tries. Such a great program! [Preparing for the 5k] has given my daughter something to work to and a great event for us to do together.

What are you most looking forward to about the 5k? 
I am looking forward to crossing the finish line with my baby! 

Thank you, Carrie & Madi! We are so excited to cheer for you both at the 5k! Find Team Madi's fundraising page online at https://www.raceplanner.com/donate/Team-Madi-Rose!