SoleMate Spotlight: Emily Rosen-King

Today we feature Emily, a 2015 More/Fitness/Shape Half Marathon SoleMate and Girls on the Run NYC Coach!

Tell us about you!
I am from New York City and I teach 4th grade in Queens. 

How has running been a part of your life?
I started running when I was 14 for my high school's cross country team. I wanted to be on the basketball team but the season wouldn't start for another few months, so in the meantime I decided to join cross country. That was my freshman year and I ended up doing cross country and track for the rest of high school instead of basketball. As much as I liked basketball I fell in love with running and the track team even more!

Why did you choose to support Girls on the Run?
Being part of a running community was a huge reason I loved running as a teenager and today. I want to give girls this same experience and I also love the other aspects of the Girls on the Run curriculum that go beyond running. 

What would you say to encourage others to run a race as a SoleMate?
It motivated my training knowing that I was running not just for myself but for others. It was so much fun during the race to see Girls on the Run friends cheering when I ran by! There is really no reason not to do it!

What tip do you have for other SoleMates?
Pick a race that you also feel committed to, besides being committed to being a SoleMate. I ran in an all women's race and loved it as race, in addition to the fact that I was doing it for Girls on the Run.

Thank you for being an amazing volunteer Coach & SoleMate, Emily!
Support Emily's fundraising campaign for Girls on the Run at: