SoleMate Spotlight: Lisa Keller

Lisa Keller is one of our 2015 NYC Marathon SoleMates! Born and raised in NYC, Lisa moved to Charlotte, NC, where she has been residing for the past twenty years. Outside of Girls on the Run, Lisa is an active community member working with a local education foundation and other non-profit organizations. She enjoys photography, reading, and continuous learning opportunities. In addition, Lisa has a passion for running/exercise and tasty food, especially when her husband, Dan, and her two teenage kids accompany her in these fun activities.

Lisa first became involved with Girls on the Run with the local Charlotte council in 2008 and is currently the Director of Council Management at Girls on the Run International.

What motivated you to run this race for Girls on the Run NYC?
It was my time to give back to the city I love!

How did you get involved with Girls on the Run?
I am the Director of Council Management at Girls on the Run International. I joined Girls on the Run by means of the local Charlotte council in 2008, which I have held the roles of Coach, an Advisory Board Member, SoleMate and Program Coordinator before shifting to HQ in 2010. My Girls on the Run coach name is Kind Coach Keller.

What inspires you about working with Girls on the Run?
Joining the organization has enabled me to see how Girls on the Run can give girls the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.

How does training for this race relate to the Girls on the Run program?
It’s about being joyful, confident and healthy plus appreciating the process.

What is your favorite part about being a SoleMate?
Knowing at the end of the day, the funds I generated as a SoleMate will help NYC girls take part in our transformational program.  

What is your favorite running accessory?
My Girls on the Run Sweaty Band!

"I started with Girls on the Run to give back to my community with a sport I love and give my daughter (and all girls) the opportunity to experience a positive, development program. Girls on the Run has given back to me the opportunity to shine too. I love my Girls on the Run family!" - Lisa

Thanks so very much for your dedication, Lisa!

Lisa recently won our one-week Fundraising Challenge! You can support Lisa in her fundraising efforts by visiting her online campaign page here: Lisa's Fundraising Page