SoleMates Spotlight: Stefanie Petit

Today we're shining a spotlight on Steff Petit! Steff has had many roles a Super Star for Girls on the Run NYC, including being a coach, staff member, and SoleMate. On November 6, she will be running the TCS New York Marathon again as a SoleMate!

Why Girls on the Run? As someone who has been involved at every level of Girls on the Run, I have seen firsthand the incredible impact that this program has not only on the girls but on every person who touches the program. Since 2009, Girls on the Run NYC and I have had an incredible journey, and this wonderful organization will always have a special place in my heart.

Is this your first marathon? This will be my fourth NYC Marathon and my third running as a GOTR NYC SoleMate!!

Favorite place to run? The bridle path in Central Park.

Favorite time of day to run? First thing in the morning. I find a sense of accomplishment and peace being out before everyone is awake and having some time to myself.

Favorite post-run snack/meal? For short runs, avocado toast, orange juice, and an iced coffee. After a long run or race, I'm usually craving Mexican food.

Favorite running accessory? My headphones / music. I listen to a wide variety of music depending on my workout, but I'm always amazed how music can take you to a different place.

Group or solo run? A little bit of both. For long runs, being with a group is great but for shorter runs, I tend to enjoy having some alone time.

What shoes do you run in? ASICS Nimbus - always.

Favorite non-running activity? Spending time with my family. My son and husband are my world, I love exploring and going on family adventures.

Farthest distance you’ve run? 26.2!

Inspirational Quote/Words to Live By? "All things are possible. It does not matter what anyone says, you decide what you can do". - Verdina Gillette-Simms, mother of US Paralympic medalist Lex Gillette.

What’s your Myers-Briggs? “The Entertainer” (ESFP-A)

Thanks, Steff! If you'd like to support Steff in her fundraising efforts, you can visit her virtual fundraising page here. You can also follow her journey on her Instagram and Twitter!