5k SoleMate Spotlight: Treasa

We are delighted to spotlight Treasa Fitzgibbon, a 5k SoleMate and Sparkle Runner for Girls on the Run NYC! Treasa is a Managing Director, leading Energy and Power Corporate Sales team for Global Transaction Services at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. She is also a volunteer for GIrls on the Run NYC and a proud supporter of our organization! Read more about why Treasa got involved:

Why did you decide to participate in the Girls on the Run NYC 5k? 
I learned early on the value that sports played in my life. It has taught me discipline, self-respect and that it is okay to fail and that you just get right back up and try again. In the process, I have discovered the power of my inner strength. When life has presented opportunities, I have been ready to jump in and have leveraged the lessons I learned from sports. I wanted to find an outlet to work with girls at a young age, before they get into the workforce. When I read the Girls on the Run mission it struck such a cord with me – all aspects of it from educating young girls, to helping them lead a life of self-respect and healthy living. I was immediately sold and wanted to be part of the organization.

What does the Girls on the Run mission mean to you? 
It means empowering girls to discover the beauty and strength of their body and mind. I see that young girls today are facing new challenges with the exposure to media on a real time basis, which is setting unrealistic expectations for body and mind. I believe that teaching girls to love their bodies and appreciate what it can do for them, rather than just how it looks sets them up for positive body images for the rest of their lives.

Tell us a little bit about your running history! 
I grew up in Ireland surrounded by competitive male cousins who loved to play and running was a big part of that. I also trained in the Athletics Club from a young age and tried my hand at many sports – running, tennis, badminton, basketball, athletics etc. Despite several injuries over the years, I have kept up with sports as I enjoy the challenges. Nowadays I mix up my running and incorporate a lot of weight training as well. It is a great opportunity to get outside, enjoy some fresh air or just decompress in the gym from any of the stresses from everyday life.

And finally, why did you decide to become a 5k SoleMate and fundraise to support Girls on the Run NYC? 
I truly believe in the cause and I am committed to the mission this organization has set out to accomplish. I wanted to support the organization in a meaningful way and figure I could put my broad network to good use by fundraising. 

Thank you, Treasa, for your support as a 5k SoleMate!