SoleMate Spotlight: Kelly Froelich

Today we are shining a spotlight on Kelly Froelich! Kelly is a Girls on the Run NYC Coach and will be running her 6th half marathon, the 2017 NYC Half Marathon, as a Girls on the Run NYC SoleMate.

Why did you decide to be a SoleMate and support Girls on the Run NYC?
After coaching last season and seeing the impact the Girls on the Run program can have on elementary and middle school girls, I decided that I wanted to be further involved and help bring Girls on the Run to any and all girls in NYC, despite a family's financial situation. Becoming a SoleMate and fundraising for Girls on the Run will provide the program to four girls who would not have the chance to participate otherwise.

Why did you choose to run the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon?
I love running around NYC, and thought the NYC Half would be another great experience to explore the city even more.

What does the Girls on the Run mission mean to you?
I wish I had been able to participate in Girls on the Run when I was growing up. The societal pressures to be skinny, pretty, and popular, combined with fewer female role models in leaderships positions than male, make growing up as a girl in our society difficult. I am so grateful that Girls on the Run exists to teach girls that they can grow into whomever they would like to be, despite what they might be told, and that they are strong, confident, and unique human beings.

Tell us a little bit about your running history!
Growing up playing team sports, running was always a punishment and never an enjoyment. However, during my senior year of college, I decided to delay taking the GMAT and instead, on a whim, train for a half-marathon. It was not easy nor pretty, but I finished my first race and was hooked on training and long-distance racing. The NYC Half will be my sixth half-marathon! 

And now, a few quick questions, starting with: Favorite post-run snack?
Peanut butter-banana smoothie

Favorite place to run in NYC?
My most frequented run spot is the East River. It's flat, less crowded, and right on the water.

Favorite time of day to run?
Morning - I think a morning run is one of the best ways to start the day.

Any other fun facts you want to share?
One for endurance sports, I also completed a century ride, biking 100 miles from Austin to Shiner, TX.

Thanks, Kelly! If you'd like to support Kelly in her fundraising efforts, you can visit her fundraising page here.