SoleMate Spotlight: Stephanie Peterson

Today we shine the spotlight on Stephanie Peterson! Stephanie is running the Buffalo Half Marathon as a SoleMate for Girls on the Run NYC!

Why did you decide to become a SoleMate and fundraise to support Girls on the Run?

My boyfriend's cousin was a SoleMate and she encouraged me to get involved! I read the mission of the program and thought it was a great cause to support.

Why did you decided to sign up to run the Buffalo Half Marathon?

I had always wanted to run a full marathon, so my New Year's Resolution for this year was to complete a half. This will be my first race of any kind!

What does the Girls on the Run mission mean to you?

It's so important for young girls to see themselves as strong and independent, and be aware of their self worth and capabilities. The Girls on the Run mission seeks to accomplish just that - it encourages young girls to become strong, independent, confident women through running. That's the sort of future I want for every young girl.

Tell us a little bit about your running history!

As I mentioned, this will be my first official race. I competed in track and field in high school and have always enjoyed running on my own so I'm looking forward to taking this to the next step.

What do you do besides running to keep yourself healthy, confident and joyful?

I've just recently learned the importance of healthy cooking and eating. I was the sort of person who could screw up cereal (and was lucky enough to have a boyfriend who cooks) so I never really spent much time in the kitchen, but now I have put a lot of effort into learning to cook and eat healthy foods. I've really come to enjoy it!

Favorite post-run treat?

Banana, peanut butter, and almond milk smoothie.

Favorite time of day to run?

First thing in the morning.

Any other fun facts you want to share?

On top of training for my first half marathon, I am currently studying for the LSAT with the goal of attending law school next fall. Running helps to keep me energized and focused when I hit the books after a long day at work.

What words of encouragement would you share with a girl starting with Girls on the Run?

Never forget your self worth and never give up. You'll be surprised what you're capable of when you believe in yourself!

Thank you so much Stephanie - and good luck on those LSATs! If you want to support Stephanie's fundraising efforts, you can visit her fundraising page here.