SoleMate Spotlight - 2018 TCS New York City Marathon: Sarah

Today we're shining a spotlight on Sarah, a SoleMate who's running in the TCS New York City Marathon while also raising funds for GOTR programming!  Sarah, we are so excited to see you at the Marathon and we are grateful for your support to help us reach more girls!


What does the Girls on the Run mission mean to you?

Girls on the Run mission to me is to inspire all girls to be strong, confident, and healthy! For girls to be unafraid of who they are and want to be!

Why did you decide to be a SoleMate for the NYC Marathon and fundraise for Girls on the Run?

I volunteered as a Sparkle Running for one of the 5K celebratory races and had so much time running with the girls and seeing their faces after they realized they accomplished their goal! I always wanted to run a marathon and didn’t believe I would follow through if I didn’t volunteer for a charity. Girls on the Run is an incredible organization and program for girls and it only seems fitting to run the marathon for a charity based on running.

Tell us a little bit about your running history! Why do you run?

I was always very athletic, but I never really ran much until I came to college. I started to run as a form of exercise, but slowly it became a way to relax during my day or week. I find that going on a run is a great opportunity to clear my mind.

Favorite place to run? Or Favorite pump-up running song?

I love running through Riverside Park and along the Westside highway. As I’ve been

training for the marathon I needed to explore longer routes and found that I enjoy running in Central Park especially around the reservoir. I also loved my long runs around the city! I enjoy going through Battery Park and reminiscing about my time there when I was younger. I always get a burst of energy when “I Wanna to Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston plays in my earbuds. I sometimes can’t help myself and dance a little to the music.

Is this your first marathon? If no, how many have you run?

This is my very first marathon! I’m very excited to be running in the NYC Marathon especially since I’ve watched it when I was younger.

If people could give you energy awards while you were running the marathon which would you want for an energy boost?

I would definitely enjoy the Boom Dynamite energy award!

What do you do besides running to keep yourself healthy, confident, and joyful?

I try and keep healthy eating and hygiene habits to physically feel better in stressful stretches of time. I will also take time to go on a quick walk to get some fresh air and hopefully a different perspective on any particular situation. Spending time with friends is also a great way to be joyful and get a good laugh.

Who do you look up to?

I look up to my mother who shows me what it means to be a hard worker and a compassionate and loving friend and family member. Although sandwiched between two generations, her mother and her kids, my mother was able to handle taking care of our larger nuclear family during the good and bad times. She always checks in on me (and how I’m keeping up with my training) and knows exactly what to say to put me at ease.

Who has impacted your life the most and encouraged you to be your beautiful, healthy, and courageous self?

My grandmother had a great effect on my life. She showed perseverance and poise during difficult times and encouraged me to do the same. Being considerate, thoughtful, and graceful under pressure were just a few of the things she taught me. She also encouraged my passions and my opinion. She was more inclined to give compliments than spread gossip which I found not only benefited the person receiving the compliment but was an easy way to give yourself a boost of confidence as well.

Any fundraising tips for fellow SoleMates?

Keep posting and keep asking! When I hit milestones in my training, such as running my personal longest distance, I would post on social media to show that I am keeping up with my training and need others to help actualize my goal of going to the marathon.  

What words of encouragement would you share with a girl starting with Girls on the Run?

I hope a girl starting with Girls on the Run enjoys her time to gain confidence in herself and realizes how bold and beautiful she is.

What advice would you give yourself at 10 years old?

As an already young and naïve 10 year old I would remind myself to be kind to myself and have fun! Don’t worry about what others are doing, but find something you are passionate about and want to pursue!  

Thank you for all your support of Girls on the Run, Sarah! If you want to donate to Sarah's fundraising efforts, click here.