SoleMate Spotlight: Sarah Klunk

This week we're shining a spotlight on Sarah Klunk! Sarah is running the TCS NYC Marathon as one of our SoleMates!

Why GOTR? I chose GOTR because I have been a runner since I was 14 years old and it taught me a lot about self confidence and that if I believe in myself and push myself, I can do anything. The GOTR mission is something I personally identify with.

Is this your first marathon? If no, how many have you run? This is my first marathon!

Favorite place to run? My favorite place to run is Central Park.

Favorite time of day to run? My favorite time of day to run is early morning, 7am.

Favorite post-run snack/meal? This is probably boring but I love a good green smoothie (fruit + spinach) right after I run, then likely a NYC bagel with lox.

Favorite running accessory? My headphones are my favorite running accessory. They are an integral part to a good run. I love my Bose sport.

Group or solo run? I usually run solo or with one other running partner.

What shoes do you run in? I love running in Nike shoes.

Favorite non-running activity? My favorite non running activity is brunching in NYC with my friends. Brunching is an activity right?

Farthest distance you’ve run? I have run about 10 half marathons.

Inspirational Quote/Words to Live By? Something that has always stuck with me is a quote from my Dad: "I run because I can." It reminds me how lucky I am to be healthy, fit and empowered. You never know when you won't be able to get that runner's high again.

What’s your Myers-Briggs? My Myers-Briggs is the Executive [ESTJ]

Thanks for all you do to support Girls on the Run, Sarah! You can support Sarah's fundraising efforts by visiting her campaign page here.